Sunday, June 13, 2010

Drawing on the Fringe

I did this one in the attempts to start a thread on drawingboard doing my favorite cast members of Fringe, starting with the actor Kirk Acevedo as Agent Charlie Francis. Then just as I was almost done they took him off the show. My guess was to make room for Leonard Nimoys salary. I was digging this one but certain elements stand off the piece. I don't know if it's because maybe I used a brush with too hard an edge bur when you look at it a little closer the eye lashes, brow, and hair seem to on the image not part of the image. Like somebody did it with a Sharpie afterwards. And his chin is too small.

Process: Started this in Sketchbook Pro, since I didn't know how to color it using SBP I moved it to Corel Painter to finish it. I need to watch more of Bobby Chu's YouTube videos. I did the same as in the Alex B. portrait, I may have embellished a bit. I used more layers with this one putting some shadows and highlights on their own layer. Don't think that worked out so well.

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