Friday, July 23, 2010

B001 & B003 colored

Sat down and colored both caricatures. Still need to experiment some more with coloring, mine look kinda flat. I've seen some other artists work and when they go from grayscale to color, their color looks a bit more  natural, I guess.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

B003 Grayscale

Got this one done pretty quick using the same process as I did with B001. After I fleshed out the initial doodle around 4:00 p.m. I was done about 3 or 4 a.m. I'm liking it, though I don't know how she's gonna react to being called a moon head, I suppose that shouldn't be a concern of mine I should just draw what I see.

I'll see about coloring these tonight. But I do have some freelance work I need to get ahead on.

Done with: Cintiq using Sketchbook Pro and Photoshop


After halting on B002 I ran errands with my son to step away from the drawing for a bit. When we returned I was going to start a different caricature but lightly doodled this pic again this time exaggerating her forehead as well and liked where it was going.

I enlarged the doodle and fleshed it out to the line drawing here. I had said with B001 I was going to try and get her making a funny face but I'm realizing that candid pictures are pretty good sources.

Done with: Cintiq using Sketchbook Pro.

B001 Process

Here's a simplified view of the process. Actually once I got into it I forgot to save out the steps. But this is the first (the sketch), second (laying down a base tone), and third (start shading using the sketch as guidelines). Basically I continue step three (with my brushes flow set to 3-5) until the sketch begins to get in the way then I turn it off and finish the face. I'll turn the sketch back on to do the hair. I usually do the hair and/or the eyes last.

B001 Sketch

One of my coworkers. I may try and get her to make a funny face for me to photograph and use. I think that makes it a little easier for me to exaggerate the features if the subject is already looking goofy.

Maryts' BF

This one was a test of sorts, to see if I could do another caricature (and quit ridding on the coat tail of the first one) more importantly of someone I don't know. One of the members of posted these pictures of her boyfriend so I thought I would try and do a caricature of him. It was a little harder than I thought it would be.

Revised & Colored

After getting some feedback on the grayscale image I revised the drawing: Got rid of the sharp canine tooth, reshaped his ear a bit and his upper lip. Then added color. I need to work on the coloring because to me it kinda looks like one of those Turner Classics that they've colorized. Something's missing in the black and shadow areas. I'll search around and try to  find some tutorials on coloring from a grayscale image.