Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Emma Revisited

Had an urge to redo one of my first digital paintings, the Immaculate Mrs Peel. Thought I'd see how it looked with the accumulated knowledge I've gotten doing these since then (August 2008.)

New painting.
Here's the original with source picture.

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Aunt Barb Finished

Finished, colored to the best of my ability with the resources available. Tried to add subtle color shifts in the skin tone, like slight blue reflections on the cheek and neck area that would come from the jacket; a touch of gold from the necklace. I see other artists (that know what they're doing) select a background color first and that or those colors influence the hues of the skin tone. I'm still trying to wrap my head around painting like that, looking for tutorials that show and explain how and why.

Sunday, August 7, 2011

Aunt Barb WIP

A friend (one that I can physically see and talk to… ooh Facebook-jab!) ask me if I could put together photographic collage of her deceased mother and deceased aunt. I agreed to but when she gave me the photos her aunts photo was a photoCOPY of a photocopy (and probably one more generation photocopied.) I told her I needed the original photo. Then she brought me a 5x7 but it was just a photo print she had made from the photocopy : ( 

I tried again to explain to her that putting her mothers photograph (which was a studio taken shot) next to this photocopy is not going to look good. She told me that that was all she had of her aunt "dressed nice". So at the start of a vacation week I remembered that my uncle kind of had the same situation many years ago with a bad photo of his dad (grandpa on my mothers side) so he got someone to paint a portrait in which the artist used my uncles face to fill in the unclear areas of the photo (like the eyes). So I thought maybe I could do the same.

Aunt Barb WIP
Aunt Barb Process


Think I'm learning with caricatures to try a variety of different sketches. Instead of trying to nail it on the first try, I'll just make my own distortion and try to make the face fit. I've been kind of following this other artists blog. Seems like that's what he does. This one took about three sketches before I found something that I thought was good.

A friend from work. Started it in color but colors were looking kinda funky so I scrapped it and started again in gray. Still need some tweeks, not sure if I'm gonna put a pattern in the shirt or not.

Monday, January 24, 2011

The Infamous Mr. Hahn

This one was a trace. Instead of starting the drawing freehand, I used the photo as a template and traced over it then painted. Don't like doing it that way kinda feels like a cheat, but was looking at PapaNinja's stuff and wanted to try some things with skin tones.