Sunday, November 28, 2010

Akuma Finished

Here's the colored version, not too shabby! After colorizing the face I took a copy of the (B&W) face layer and duplicated it, laid it over top of the colored face and played with the multiplied opacity, to try and get some darker shadows in the face. I probably could have gone a little more. Always dread doing the hair, but I'm not too unhappy with this one. Would've added more purple highlights from the lightning but was afraid that with the red hair and all he'd start looking a little clownish.

Photoshop and Cintiq graphics tablet

Akuma Gray

Here is the finished B&W of Akuma, and another slightly revised (removed pupils and added lightning fx). I'm pretty happy with it. The big fear is whether the color version will look as strong.

Cintiq and Photoshop

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Akuma WIP continued

Little further progression. Going back to doing it in gray first. The drawing "First day of school" I started and finished in color and there are some spots were the I picked up the wrong color.

Akuma Cosplay Work In Progress

WIP of a friend dressed as Akuma from Street Fighter. Thought I'd put some pressure on myself by putting up a WIP and see if I can get'er done over the weekend.

Monday, November 1, 2010

First Day of School-Finished

Finished drawing of First day of school. Actually warped the face a bit from the WIP version. Made the chin smaller, and the face thinner. Learned some things with the hair, it's in about 10 layers, broken into sections "Back", "Front", and "Side." Laid down the base brown, then a yellow, and another brown on top of the yellow. Then I did highlight streaks, but it started looking like she had gray hair so I laid down some black streaks which really helped it a lot (IMO). Think if I were a little more patient with it that hair would've rocked.

Photoshop, Cintiq tablet

First Day of School-WIP

First thing I've really worked on since the end of August. I need to crank things up a bit. Fortunately starting in November I have a handful of vacation days coming my way. I need to really make use of them. This drawing is the child of one of my facebook friends. Things were kinda slow at work so I started this, did the hair but it's lame. I'm gonna redo it.